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CASA 6 Fresh New Look

October 22, 2019

CASA has had a makeover 🎉🎉🎉


Although the look and feel of CASA is different the functionality remains the same.

The left hand pane provides you with all the latest conveyancing news, whilst the dashboard has adopted tiles to access various areas of the CASA database.

So what do those tiles actually mean…

  • QUICK QUOTE allows you to generate estimate figures for a client.
  • ESTIMATES generate estimates to email or print out for potential clients, access estimates that have already been given.
  • MATTERS stored matters for all transaction types.
  • SEARCHES order a search via Easy Search.  Gain a quote via Index Insure.
  • CLIENTS access to the Client database.  You can do an AML check from this area even if a matter is not associated with the client.
  • COMPANIES access the firms and organisations database.
  • ACCOUNTS link to Easy Accounts or Quill Integration.
  • REPORTS generate management reports.

CASA isn’t just a pretty new face, let’s take a look at the slick features available now:

Address Search

You can now search for property address and CASA will populate the details.  Enter the first line of an address and a list of addresses will appear in the address block select the appropriate address and the address fields will be populated. You can search by postcode, company name (e.g. easy convey).

You can search for an address in the property details, client details and firms and organisations forms in both estimates and matters.

Easy Search

At the top of a matter you can order searches through the Easy Search platform.  If you would like further details on how to order searches, please contact the sales team on 01483 419025 option 1 or email sales@easyconvey.com

Index Insure

A title indemnity insurance service which will provide you with cover for instances where there is, for example absence of easement, adverse possession, breach of covenant, lack of planning permission or building regulation approval, flying freehold etc. This service is accessed in CASA by selecting the “Index Insure” tile on the main screen where you will find details of how to obtain an estimate.